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how to make money off instagram

Proven-Effective Tips to Make Money off Instagram

Instagram is considered as one of the successful apps recently. It takes pride of having 300 million users. You might be using Instagram to document meals or post some of your selfies with your friends, yet what there’s a way for you to make money Instagram? Well, below are the things you should know:

How to make money off Instagram

  • Always be Consistent!

It is essential to be consistent if you like to make money on Instagram. It is a great idea to be thematically and tonally consistent. Several successful Instagram stars go so far with using the same filter in each of their posts, while others stick on single theme for their pictures.

Success on Instagram is often built through consistent images. Unless you are already famous, you might be better sticking to a theme instead of just posting images of yourself or your life. It is also good idea to maintain the quality of your pictures. If you have styled pictures combined with less considered posts, you are less likely to make it huge on Instagram. Take note, you can always have more than one account, one for your personal account and the other is for money-making purposes.

Being consistent with the timing of posts also play a huge role to get results when making money out of Instagram. If possible, post daily.

  • Engage with All Your Followers

Sometimes, it pays to engage with your followers as this will help you grow a more loyal and much bigger base that you can use to make money on Instagram. If people leave some complimentary comments on the photos, thanked them.


  • Try Expanding Your Horizons

People who succeed on Instagram often have a sizable presence on some social media. Putting effort and time in maintaining a blog or building your Twitter can assist you to make money on Instagram. The reason behind it is that success on 1 platform may reinforce success on another.


  • Use Proper Hashtags

Without such hashtags, you won’t be able to gain followers among tons of millions of strangers who make up user base on Instagram. If you are already famous, individuals will search for your name. However, if you are a mere mortal, you will probably have to use hashtages to get the posts found.


Monetizing Your Photos of Instagram

  • Apply as a Brand Ambassador

If you have millions of Instagram followers, the brands will surely come to you. Then, charge thousands of dollars for a picture with the brand. However, while you are still building up your followers, you may do the equivalent of unpaid internship, which only means that you can feature a certain brand on Instagram account and mention or tag that brand.


  • Establish Your Own Rates

Once you reach the point in which the brands will pay for sponsored posts, you may set up a range of rates or a rate. Your number of followers needs to qualify to do a sponsored post and it sometimes depends on a particular brand. But if you do get a lot of followers, than you can start making real big money when you are using Instagram on the right way!

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