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Tips on making a WordPress website

Don’t Get Started Until You Read This

Your freshly created WordPress site is pretty much like a treasure box that serves as a good source of income, possibilities and prospects for your business. A WordPress website is definitely a powerhouse resource yet there are some things that you need to put in order first to ensure that your site will be fully charged and more than ready to power up your business.


Blog Page or Homepage?

Among the very first decisions you have to make is to decide how you will structure your website. Once users type in your domain name, do you want them to see a blog page or a home page? Both of these are easy to create with a WordPress site. If you are not sure as to which one is best for you, don’t worry because you can always try the two and change them later on.

Use Your Email List to Build Connections

Nothing beats email when it comes to building an ongoing and genuine connection with readers. Email inbox is a very intimate space, a privilege place you need to inhabit. You are there through invitation online and for this reason, you can get the attention you need and want.

Give Users a Good Read to Share Their Email Address

For most people, that privileged and intimate inbox space also tends to get cluttered. No one wants to add more emails than what they already have so you get to give them a compelling reason to invite you into your inbox. Unless your website is also an established authority and a well known name, it would never be enough that you promise updates. Give them something you can hold in your hands, watch, look forward to or listen to.

Track the Progress

It is powerful to be knowledgeable and for you to completely understand how your site performs, Google Analytics good be of great help. Upon installation, you can check under the hood of your website and see the pages getting most traffic, where this comes from and how people travel through the pages. When you have this information, you can respond through creating more of what is obviously in demand then adding offers to the frequently visited pages.

Make the Most Out of the Power of SEO

There are a lot of tools that can help you shoot to the top of search engine results. They can help your website gain an edge over competitors to help you get past the reaches of all algorithm updates that Google might throw your way.

Develop a Brand Experience

For your website to become more memorable, you will want to brand with this the perfect combination of images, colors and fonts unique to your business. You can start with the use of a premium theme. Pick a color palette you will use consistently in all your pages. Go for fonts that best represent your business. Spend some effort and time coming up with unique site head for branding your website from top to bottom. Be consistent with the use of the visual branding style for people to remember and recognize your site.

These are just some of the first few steps for creating your own WordPress site. Get a good head start to dominate over your competition.

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