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Best ideas websites scripts to start to make money

There any many type of websites that you can set up your self or to hire some freelancer on Upwork or Freelancer.com after you bought the script. Starting your own website is hot, you will be the owner and webmaster in 1. Ways to start a (brand new) website: buy a website (clone) script, buy and excisting website or built your own website using CMS like WordPress, Joomla or any other.

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Website scripts that make money

Our list of the best ideas for a websites are:


Wallpaper website
There are several kind of scripts that you can use to make a wallpaper and/or screensaver website. This subject is pretty timeless and will always have monthly seeking users that seek cool wallpapers. If you create such website it’s an excellent idea to add banner like Adsense or others to start making money. This idea is a kind of auto pilot system. Just keep in mind that you need to add new stuff, if you can do this automaticly it’s even better.


Casino website
There are many scripts that you can have installed as a casino money making website. Maybe you can even buy a website on a website broker like Flippa or EmpireFlippers (also for other branches)  in the casino business and than you will able to start making money right away. Make sure your website is very secure and you have good term and conditions set up.


Blog website in any niche
You can start creating blogs in any kind of niche and start posting blogs and/or new article daily/weekly/monthly. This way your website will gain more interest from search engines like Google, Yahoo/Bing and others. If your website has good content and people stay and like your website, your website will grow in time (of course also do SEO/Linkbuilding to getter good results). The options to earn are to place paid ads or affiliate links.


make money with a datingsite

Making money with a dating site is not a bad isea for sure


Nowadays its very easy to start your own branded Dating website. The software can be automaticly set. The workload you will get are approving member profiles and replying to emails to members. You can earn by adding ads or asking member account fees for membership, it’s up to you. It is also an idea to create a dating site on specific kind of people: vegetarians, older people, high educated, etc. Take a look at Skadate. DatingPro or Datingscript. Dating is hot and will be always a popular issue on the internet.

make money with movie script website

A movie datebase website is an excellent idea to start making money online

Be creative to make money with websites

There are many plugins for WordPress or website scripts on codecanyon that you can use to make your own movie script website. A movie site is a website where you can add movie website essays and trailers and many more. This can be set automaticly in some cases for more ease. Try Codecanyon or WPmovielibrary for wordpress.


Buy excisting website
There are many websites that are for sell on domain broker websites. Several websites of that are listed already make produce an income each month. You will find them in any topic and on any price. Examples are Flippa and Empire Flippers. Of course it’s also a great idea to create a money making website and to sell it after some time for a nice amount of cash.


MP3 Music search engine
Music is a big thing in this world, there are many people that monthly seek music online on the internet. Well, this is your chance to create a music search website. You can use wordpress.com or find a script here.


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