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how to speed up wordpress

Perfect Ways to Speed Up WordPress

WordPress is a good platform. Yet, there’s one thing that many people are concerned about and that is it can be a bit slow.

Without taking proper precautions, you might end up with a sluggish website. It isn’t only a hassle for the repeat visitors, but it can also cause losing your customers and subscribers.

Website speed is an important ranking factor

Fortunately, there’s a solution to that and below are some of the ways on how you can speed up WordPress:


  • Pick a Good Hosting Service

Whenever you are starting, shared host might be a bargain. It could also come at another cost because you’ll experience frequent down time and slow site speed during high traffic periods. Here you can find SSD hosting partner and click here to discover why you should use ssd hosting.

If you want to publish famous stuffs, you are killing yourself through running your WordPress website on shared hosting. So, it’s important to invest in good hosting service.


  • Begin with a Solid Theme or Framework

The latest framework or default WP theme is quite speedy and lightweight. The reason behind it is that they keep it simple in comparison to the bloated frameworks that have lots of features that you’ll never use. This will slow your website to a crawl. It is an incredibly solid framework that will not slow you down with custom edits or excess plugins. Make every change right from the theme and get rid of bloat.


  • Utilize Effective Caching Plugin

WordPress plugins are definitely beneficial, yet some of the best ones can be found under the category of caching. These rapidly improve the loading time of the page and most importantly, they are free and extremely easy to use. Good ones are Super Cache  and Total Cache.


  • Use CDN or Content Delivery Network

All your favorite blogs are using CDN or Content Delivery Network. If you’re into internet marketing using WordPress, you will not be surprised to hear that your favorite blogs are using CDN. This takes all the static files you’ve got on your website. It also enables visitors download them as quick as possible through serving the files on the servers as close to them. Cloudflare is free and also has a plugin for WordPress


  • Optimize Images Automatically

WordPress has a free plugin that will help you optimize images automatically like WP-SmushIt. That is why it’s a must have to speed up WordPress.


  • Optimize Your Homepage’s Loading Time

It isn’t one thing yet some simple things that you can do to ensure that your homepage loads easily. This is the most essential part of your website because will visit it often. A focused and clean homepage design will help your page not only look great, but also load quicker. Cloudflare will help for sure to load your website faster.


  • Optimize the Database of Your WordPress

This may be done in a tedious manner. You may use WP-Optimize plugin that allows you to optimize your database to minimize their overhead.


  • Disable Leeching and Hotlinking of Your Content

Hotlinking is a type of bandwidth theft. This happens when some websites direct link to the images on your website from their articles, which make the server load quickly. All-in Firewall will help you with that.


  • Add Expires Header to the Static Resources

Expires header is a way to determine the time in the future so that your customers do not have to refetch static content. Through this, you will be able to cut your load time significantly for your users. You can use this plugin.



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