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how does mallware work

Common online internet virus threats and dangers

The internet is one of the most commonly used platforms today. It is used to connect to the World Wide Web and get huge amount of information as well as connect with your loved ones through email services and various other applications like Skype, Face book and more. Though it is a boon to the society, there are times when this can also take adverse turns. Using a VPN will improve your safety on the web for sure, a must have for any freelancer!

There are various spams and viruses on the internet that can damage your computer and erase all your important data as well. Here are some online scams that you should be aware of while browsing the internet.

Many people might not have heard about the term Botnet.They are a collection of robots that are designed to create an army of infected computers who are known as zombies. These zombies are controlled by the originator with the help of a remote. You can also be a victim of a Botnet without even realizing the same, until one fine day your PC conks off. They can

  • Spread different kinds of malware and virus
  • They can help in sending spam mails with attached virus
  • Your computer can also be used as a part of the denial service attack against different kind of systems.

Hacking is usually a term that is used when an unauthorized user gets access to your computer IP address and can control all your data. Nowadays hacking a computer is really easy for non technical people as well because of the availability of different hacking tools, techniques and spyware.  If you use a VPN, Anti virus software and anti Malware software, your chances of being hacked will reduce a lot. Hacking can

  • Install a Trojan virus into your computer so that criminals can search for information inside your computer
  • It can track down any kind of weakness in the system settings and control them to access your information.

how does mallware work

Malware is one of the most common and easiest ways to crash the motherboard of your computer.  View our list of the best anti Malware software. Malware is software that infects the computer with virus worms, Trojan horses, spyware, malware and more. It can:

  • Reformat the hard drive of your computer so that all your information is deleted
  • It can help to alter or delete the files
  • Its can steal secret data from your computer
  • Send mails to people on your behalf
  • Control your computer
  • Threaten you with false popup.

Phishing is an act that is committed by cyber criminals. It is easy Phishing a computer with very less effort. They comprise of fake emails and text messages which are created from fake websites that looks authentic.

  • Criminals can get access to your username and password that can help in stealing account numbers and passwords
  • Can trick you in various ways