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What You Need to Know on How to Earn Money with eBay

The moment you set up your own eBay store, you have to remember that there are lots of competitions out there.  You need to do something really unique to make sure that your products will get noticed. Obviously, you can’t just wait and sit and hope that sales will come your way.

Selling on eBay is pretty much the same with selling anywhere else, making noise is a must. An interesting way for doing this is integrating your eBay store with some plugin or selling feeds.

What is eBay?

eBay is among the most famous sales outlets that you can find in the online world today. Integrating your own eBay store in your site can give you a good advantage as you will have a platform where you can promote all your products. You can also take it to a higher level through becoming an eBay affiliate with eBay Partner Network and earn more cash from the affiliate sales.

What is eBay Partner Network?

A good reason for displaying eBay auction items on your site is that you will be able to get a commission coming from the successful sale. Any person who goes to the eBay site using your link and making a purchase is considered as an affiliate sale for you. It is made possible through ePN or eBay Partner Network. This network can help you earn a good commission, with the affiliate rewards varying based on the location and category.

What is cooler here is that you will get a commission for every sale even though it is not necessarily your own product you are selling. Basically, you will be paid twice, one is for selling the product and one as an affiliate and having a person purchase through your link. These links can be shared on various social networks and websites. Just see to it that you follow the policy of eBay every time you share listings from eBay. Links can also be posted on other websites but buyers need to come to eBay to purchase your items.


Integrate eBay with the Best Plugins

There are plenty of plugins that can be used for displaying eBay listings in your own site. There are several ways for you to display them including widgets, posts, pages as well as theme integration. Most plugins include some instructions to make things easier. Many of these also make use of shortcodes, letting you pick what you can display with the use of categories and the user IDs from eBay.


Tips to Optimize eBay Sales

  • Write value-added and relevant articles
  • Update website regularly
  • Drive traffic through social media sites
  • Let users know that you have affiliate links
  • Encourage users to write reviews about the products
  • Target new users
  • Direct traffic to the most relevant eBay website through geo-targeting
  • Give Advanced Search options on your site
  • Inform users every time that your affiliate link will take them to eBay when they click on it
  • Make the most out of analytics



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