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Money Making Apps

The year is almost done but it’s never too late for you to earn some money and save up. Check out these apps that are guaranteed to bring you a good stream of cash. If you want to make mone from mobile phones, check the apps that pay you money.


Do you know that your smartphone can now serve a much greater purpose aside from communication and social media? Yes, you’ve read that right! Your good old smartphone can actually help you make extra money.

You might not know it but there are now a lot of apps which are not only meant for entertainment purposes. These apps are also great for earning and saving some extra money. What are these apps that are guaranteed to bring you a steady flow of income? Here are some of them:

Best apps to make money

What makes CashPirate a favorite app for making money is the fact that it generates good income. It makes you earn even when you are sound asleep. This is made possible through their CashPirate referral program. Even though there are other fun activities for making money, this referral program happens to be the biggest money spinner for most users. Android


Earn Money
For the past three years, Earn Money app has been helping people have fun and make some cash at the same time with great ease. The app also receives high rating from users on Play Store. What makes the app very popular is its quick payments. You can get paid through PayPal in just 24 hours of cashing out.
Android – similar Itunes appp Make Money


PanelPlace is a dependable survey panel offering surveys from the world’s leading survey panels. A smartphone version was released for the panelists to start answering the surveys. Their opinions will help them get paid some good money. This app works extremely well, making users earn cash even when they are on the go. Android – iTunes


With more than 450,000 downloads, mCent is easily among the most in demand apps for making money. You will get paid for just downloading free games and apps. There are also some generous referral awards if your friend signs up with the use of your referral code. Its popularity is a sign that this app is here to stay.


Surveys On the Go
Both iOS and Android users can download Surveys On the Go. This is a famous app which has been around for some time now. You can earn around $0.25 to $5 for each survey. There are regular payments with its developers being among the leading companies on mobile research in the US. It is proof enough of the legitimacy of this app so you can be sure that you will be paid the moment you cash out. Android – iTunes


Wild Wallet: Make Money Online
This is another famous app that has been helping users for a few years now. Through the years, it has proven itself to be a reliable app. A lot of users are making easy and quick money during their spare time. Android


Google Opinions
It is a survey app meant for Android users in the USA. Here, you will be receiving surveys on a regular basis and payments are solely made through Google Play Store credit. If you love to download and buy paid games and apps, this is the ideal one for you. Android


Known as among the most established apps for getting paid, MintCoins has more than 55,000 top ratings on Play Store, making it worthy to download. You earn cash for answering surveys, viewing ads and watching videos.


An exclusive app for Android, Slidejoy may not really be able to make you rich over night. But at least, you get some money out of it. The app puts news and ads on your lockscreen where you can earn Carats. You can exchange these for actual money and add to your Paypal account.


It is another new app where you can earn Bitwalking dollars by simply going about your everyday routine. To earn, you just need to keep moving. You have to do plenty of walking every day, about 10,000 steps, for you to earn 1 BW$. This is a great app if your job requires you to wander around the whole day.
Android – Similar app for iTunes is BitGym


Probably one of the most unusual apps to make money, Pact’s main focus is to encourage you to follow your exercise routine. You only sign up to a commitment you feel comfortable with then pledge the amount you are willing to pay in case you miss these goals. Once you reached your goals, you will be directly paid by rewards from members who did not achieve their target. iTunes – Android


This claims to be a social network that allows you to earn money through giving people an access to your updates. Whether you impart specialist knowledge, give behind the scene tours of your life or post photos, ezyShot will get you paid in no time. Android – iTunes


iPoll certainly wouldn’t make you that much cash but it is definitely a no-brainer. By answering several questions, you will receive credit on your Itunes balance. You can use this for redeeming games, apps, movies or anything for sale.


napwire is an imaged-based app for making money. What makes it different from the rest is that its focus is the photographer and not the photographs alone. This might not make you earn that much if you are an everyday snapper or even if you are a pro. But still, this makes you keep 70% of earnings you get from the marketplace.
Android iTunes

Another app exclusive for the US users, Mobee is meant for those who want to do several mystery shopper tasks. Here, you can earn money in exchange for the time you spend. Missions will be displayed on the map view in the app for you to locate a nearby assignment. The moment you complete it, the tem will check the submission manually and credit you the points. These points can be exchanged for cash, gift cards or other forms of rewards. iTunesAndroid


MiPic is a social marketplace for photos where you can have your images printed on different things. These can then be bought directly by other users through the platform. Purchased items will be shipped worldwide from the UK. The image’s creator will be credited up to 20% of the selling price. iTunes


For the bookworms who got some old books that they can get rid of, you can use Bookscouter for selling them. Simply use your smartphone for scanning barcodes and Bookscouter are going to let you see payout comparisons from over 20 book buyback companies. The moment you find the best offer, just fill out the information where payments must be sent. You can then ship the books to these buyback companies.  Android

Foap lets you make money by just taking photos. It is up to you how much you want to charge for every photo. It means that you can have virtually limitless money making opportunities here. People always search for a large variety of photos. You might be surprised at the amount of money you can earn even with just your dog’s photo.


It is another wonderful app to help you make money. From its main navigation window, you can search for jobs using the Map View or Jobs List. Choose a job to check additional details then accept it. After selecting the job, you are given two hours for its completion. Make sure that you are near the objective before starting the task.

If you have some issues with your expense reports, Expensify can help you save both money and time. The app lets you track mileage and time, capture receipts, create expense reports, track business travel and more. With the use of this app, all these things can be done quickly so you will be able to spend your precious time in making money.


Cash for Laptop
There is now a chance for you to earn money by just selling your old laptop and you can do it with this app. Just choose the kind of device you want to sell, and add in some description. Pack this up and ship it for free. You will be paid through PayPal or with a cheque.

Casual is a project management app and whether you believe it or not, it could help you save money. This is done through reducing fails with team issues and deadlines. Casual helps in handling projects and tasks in new ways.


Use this app for taking photos of your receipts and get rebates. You have to download the app, sign up for free account and click on Rebates. This is where you will find lots of great offers. The rebates can differ depending on the promotion and product.


Receipt Hog
Similar with Ibotta, Receipt Hog lets you take photos of your receipts then get reward points for Amazon gift cards or Paypal. But, what makes it different from Ibotta is that there is no need for you to shop at certain stores. You can shop anywhere and earn points. However, cashing out is slower than Ibotta.


Watch & Earn
Another fun app that pays good cash is Watch & Earn where you only need to watch app trailers and videos. It lets you earn cash for downloading free apps. This app makes use of coins to pay you for completion of fun tasks that you can then exchange for rewards. These include Amazon gift cards, Google Play vouchers and Paypal.


Quick Cash
Also an exciting app that you would want to download in your device is none other than Quick Cash. How does it work? Basically, you will be paid by promoting third party apps to your family and friends. You get paid every time people download your promoted apps. It is a different app if you compare it to many apps today. The earnings from the app are a bit low, unless your network of friends is a large one.


Survey Mini
If you are someone who loves to make money from surveys, then Survey Mini is exactly what you need. This is a free app that can make you earn money by simply answering surveys using your smartphone or tablet. In Survey Mini, you will be receiving surveys depending on the places you visit in the US. The rewards for the app include gift cards and food discounts.


Make Money Earn Free Cash
One of the newest apps for earning money, Make Money Earn Free Cash will help you generate beer money just by answering surveys, watching videos and taking some free trials.


It’s a fun and new app available in Google Play Store. It offers money in exchange of downloading free apps and games to your devices. Plus, it will let you can earn money through referring your family and friends. You may also exchange the coins you earned through Amazon gift cards and PayPal.


Tap Cash Rewards
It’s another great app that will give you money just by downloading free apps and games for your smartphone. This app is very reliable with over thousands of good ratings. The rewards on offer on this app are also impressive in comparison to other competitors. Gift cards are made available for Skype, PayPal, T-Mobile, G2A, and other stores and services.


Cash Rewards
It’s another app that pays users through PayPal once you reach 600 coins, which is equals to a dollar. The app is simple to use and you will get paid through downloading free apps, inviting your friends, watch app videos, etc.


Earn rewards points as the panelist for Ncponline. You can scan all your purchases and send data to acquire points. You will also be contacted for opinions.
You may also make money through this app and it’d only take an hour every week. You get points for every interaction and once you have enough points, you can get your rewards in cash.

i-Say Mobile
If you want to use a survey app, i-Say Mobile is a must have. You can make money through completing some surveys.

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