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how to make money with selfies

How to Make Money with Selfies and photos

Do you always take a selfie every day? Did you know that taking selfies can help you make money?

It might sound ridiculous, but it is really possible to earn cash with selfies. All you have to do is to know how it works.

Making money with selfies is simple. The only thing you should do is to take a selfie. Then, submit it through various apps. You will get paid by several companies for the right to use your picture or to collect data for advertisers. Although not all your selfies will get paid, the better you’re at taking selfies, the more likely you can make a sale.

how to make money with selfies

Below are some of the apps that will help you get paid through your selfies:

It looks like it’s the most promising among the apps, yet the payouts have not been as consistent as other apps. This app has a simple interface as well as a good model. You take photos of yourself and upload all of these to be approved. They will pay you between a dollar to five for every picture that will be approved.

Each individual in the platform will be considered as a model. Therefore, you’ll need to sign an agreement that you’re releasing the pictures to be sold. If you’re an attractive person, you will get more with the service than if you are not.

This is an app that is almost like selfie scavenger hunt where you get paid for particular photos of you doing some things. Pay Your Selfie also provides tasks that pay anywhere from a few cents to a dollar. After you have completed the task through taking selfies as part per their instructions, you will earn cash.

It’s an interesting app, yet it has a minor downside. This app isn’t quite as much of a guarantee of cash. You post photos and they are bought for use by some people. They also run frequent contests where you can submit selfies. If you are chosen as a winner of the contest, you will be able to make money. Just make sure to take better photos of yourself for you to get paid.

It’s an interesting combination of a shopping website and paid for selfie network. It works through purchasing clothing from their website and taking selfies wearing the clothes. You may also edit such photos to include the items for sale. After posting the photos to the website, they will go into the shopping page. If somebody views your picture and purchase the item, you will get paid. However, it’s not really reliable and you don’t know if you’ll get paid or not.

Who would have thought that taking a selfie can help you make extra income? If you can’t stop taking selfies, it could be a great way to get paid. Just make sure to use the most reliable site or app for you to earn cash with your adorable selfies.


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