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How to make money selling websites

If you are creating some websites and you can’t still find a good buyer, there are some marketplaces you can consider.  Examples of these websites are Flippa and Empireflippers. Such marketplaces can help you sell your websites and attract more audience. However, before everything else, it would be best to know the basics of developing a moneymaking website. Escpecially if you it’s your first time, we would recommend to read more.

make money selling websites

Some websites that have good bids

Target Your Niche

Before investing a single cent to your venture, you have to decide what your website is all about. Pick a highly-targeted niche and if you are passionate about one thing, consider this as your starting point. If you live a top 40 type of life as well as niches are not your thing, you should do some research and determine the best niche for you.

Cornering niches means setting an edge from your competitors. So, make sure that your niche should something that you are passionate about. Or just something that is high in demand, nowadays this can make a difference. Here is a google link for the latest trends on topic what people search for, maybe it will give you an idea. Or try this list most searched keywords on Google. If you already have a topic, you might like the niche finder.

Build or Buy Website

If you are not the type of person who can design websites, you may also consider buying a cheap website and sell it a bigger price. In this way, you will be able to earn money without the need to pay extra effort and time on building a moneymaking website. But, you have to take note that buying a pre-designed and developed website might not be a good move, especially if you want to get potential customers as soon as possible.

If you can design and develop a website, it may be a good idea to build one instead of buying. Aside from enjoying savings, you can add a personal touch on the website. This can be an edge to some of your competitors. However, depending on your preferences, it is your choice if you will buy or build your own website.


Sell a website on Flippa ore Empireflippers

Once your website is set and done, you may start selling it on Flippa or Empireflippers. When posting your website, make sure that it has a good stat and you must create an appealing description about it. Most unsuccessful auctions on EmpireFlippers or Flippa have little information on their description. If you want to make money fast out of your website, then try making a good description about it. Be creative and tell something about the uniqueness of your website from others. Highlighting the benefits of your website will help you attract more clients.


Never Stay Anonymous

Many buyers would prefer purchasing websites on people they know. If you are selling websites and you always stay anonymous, don’t expect that your potential clients will trust you. Buyers are much comfortable if they know that they are dealing with the real person. So, maintaining transparency is essential. It tells the buyers that you have nothing to hide and won’t make them afraid of scam artists. If possible, provide some links to your social media accounts.

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