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tips to win money in a casino

How to make money in a Casino with tips and trics

Casino games can be really addictive and at the same time entertaining. It is also important to know that these games are based on sheer luck and strategies and you really need to know a few tricks and strategies to do well in the game. Here are the top 10 tricks that you can use to play in the casino peacefully.  

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 These tips wil help you win in online casinos

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit a casino? Many people are of the notion that you can get really rich in a casino. However, the real truth is what is the amount you need to spend to get rich? Is it so simple to earn money in a casino- whether it is a hard core casino or an online casino? Read the following article to know the basics of a casino and what you need to do to steer clear of the various scenarios in a casino.


  • Know the game well before playing 

If you are a first timer in the casino, then you must be aware that there are a number of people who have already entered before you and they know the odds of the game well. All casino games may appear to be really simple and lucrative, but the main fact is that they may really entice you to leap in and then you have no option but to play and win or lose. Losing though, is a bit more frequent than winning. Always know the odds before playing a casino game and set up your mind that you would lose in the future. This can keep you calm. There are various kinds of casino games like Roulette, Black jack, baccarat and more, however all games are the same and you need to know them thoroughly before playing the same.


  • Do not spend more than you can afford to 

There is a common saying that cut your coat according to your cloth. This is really apt in the case of casino games. Casino games can be really addictive; however you need to know how much you can spend for a game. Decide how much money you can afford to spend and do not plunge your hand into more even if you lose. Always leave back your credit cards and your checkbook and carry only some few amount of money that you would not be sad about losing. Leave after you are done playing the game.


  • Always watch your cash 

A Casino is a place where a lot of fraud people may be on the prowl. They can always be ready to pounce on you. Always be aware of the ratio of winning and losing and do not let anyone fool you. Also, watch your money and do not keep on shoving money into the slot machines. You would soon realize that you are out of cash, and you do not have any way to get them back.


  • Always know when to stop 

Visiting a casino is always ok. However, it is important to know when to stop. Casinos can be really addicting and you would be bankrupt until you know how to control yourself. Even if you have lost small sums, these small amounts can add up to big amounts. Play casinos as an entertainment, but do not spend too much cash on the same. Do not carry too much money with you and always stop at one game even if you feel that you would like playing some more.


  • Watch your timeDid you suddenly realize that its midnight, and you are still playing the game? This is what addiction is. You should keep a track of the time and how long you have been playing a game. Many casinos do not have clocks so that they can attract more crowds for longer periods of time. If you have been playing a game for 15 minutes and still haven’t got any profit, it is time to wrap up and leave.
dont drink while betting

Staying sober improves your chances in winning dramaticly


  • Do not get drunk

Alcohol is also known to douse the senses of man. That is why a number of casinos keep on offering you free drinks so that you lose your senses and keep on playing. This helps the casinos to earn more revenue. Whenever you are offered a drink, do not be lured by the same and just move away. Do not get moved away by any sort of alcoholic drink or women material because that might just cause you to get bankrupt.


  • Always take short breaks

Do not play a game for hours and hours. IT is important to take a small break at times. Many people get drunk, play the game, lose their patience and urinate on the seat itself. This is not only uncouth, but disastrous as well. Finish a game, and then get up and walk around and see other people playing. This would help relieve you and also distract you from playing another round of game that might make you lose.


  • Do not get lured by guide books

You would see many people in the casinos who are moving around selling the apt guide books for casino games. They also convince you that you can win by following the rules in the guide book. There is, however, no system of winning a casino game. If there was, then hundreds of people would be out with smiling faces. These books are definitely a waste of money and time. Gambling in a casino depends on sheer luck and your experience. Most of the casinos do not even follow any rules.


  • Find out about hidden costs

Many of the casino slot machines offer various payout levels with the number of coins that has been played with. You would find that a number of casino machines have been tampered with as well. There are times when the casino machine first lures you with smaller amounts and gradually when you opt for the bigger amount, you lose. The cashiers in casinos have also been trained well to provide players with the largest denominations of bill when they offer cash out. This means that you would definitely be lured by a machine who would offer you more cash. This would slowly get you more and more addicted until you discover that you are left with nothing.

Playing in a casino is luck and strategy

Casinos are one of the most addictive places on earth. It is however wrong to say that no one is ever lucky. You would see a number of winners in casinos, but this has been exchanged for a great deal of money. It is usually obvious that you need to pay huge amounts of money in order to win a game.

If you are a first time casino visitor, it is really important that you follow these above tips in order to stay clear. Also remember to keep your cool at all times, even if you are losing the game. Keeping your cool helps you to plan proper strategies to win in the game. Keep these simple tips in mind before playing a casino game.