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make money selling your notes

Learn and Earn: Sell Your Notes for Exam and Study

Are you passionate about writing and taking down notes? Do you have stocks of written book summaries, class lectures, the record of your exams? Turn that stock of files into a potential income. Sell your notes for other fellow student’s exam and study references.


Advantage of Selling Your Notes for Exam and Study

Help Fellow Students
You are a big help to students that are eager to cope up with missed lessons and review for the upcoming exams. Not every student can follow and record all the class lectures. If you have a complete record of that particular lessons, then students will definitely buy your notes. Students are willing to spend their dime in order to avoid resits and retake exams.

Earn while You Learn
You earn a decent amount of money at the same time you learn from your recorded notes. Isn’t that smart? Earning extra income without investment money is a great opportunity for students like you.

Selling Notes is Easy and Fun

It is easy to sell your notes. There are tons of websites that accept selling your notes. You only need to spend a little time on creating your account, setting up how you want to get paid, and download your notes. The websites then promote your notes and once a student purchase and download your notes, money comes into your bank accounts.

Selling and buying notes are mostly processed through digital download. Therefore, sellers can easily download and advertised their documents. That method goes the same with the buyers.

If you have recorded all your class lectures and have it sit on your filing cabinets, dust and pull it out now. Register an account to sites that buy and sell notes for exams and study. Whenever fellow students have purchased and downloaded your documents, watch how your earnings grow. Simple, right?

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