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How to rank your app in the app store with ASO

Increase Your App’s Ranking – Tips to Get Your App Visible in the App Store

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App store optimization services and keyword monitoring appstore are very important. Here more Tips on how to improve your IOS and Android App rankings.

With the millions of apps now readily available for download in different app stores, it might seem a bit challenging, if not impossible, to make sure that your app will be found or even noticed at all. If you have plans to launch a new app soon, it would be a wise decision to know the best methods of marketing your app. One important step is to harness the power of ASO or app store optimization.


Through the use of the right ASO techniques, it will be easier to get any personal or business app ranked higher up the search engine listings in the app store. Obviously, an app with higher ranker also has higher chances of being seen and achieving success due to its ability to attract more traffic to the listing page.

So, what are the basic means of ranking your app in the app store? Here are a few vital steps and tips you can follow to improve your app optimization.

Don’t Forget the Essence of Keyword Research

The process of researching keywords for apps works almost the same in many ways to search engine optimization. With the use of a dedicated and reliable keyword research tool, there is now a chance to include only the most promising terms which have the potential of attracting more users to your app page. In addition, most organic traffic which arrives on your page comes from built-in search engine of preferred app store. You have to ensure that you check out your competition for you to know the words you have to compete for.

Pay Attention to Your App Description

Although keyword research is a very essential step in the right direction in order to make the most out of search engine algorithm, the actual description of your app needs to be properly well written in order to attract the attention and interest of users. Any text you write must be smart, serious and informative. You should avoid those baffling descriptions which are difficult to read and loaded with keywords. This is because these will not likely give you the results you want or even increase the download rate.

Check Your App Logo

A carefully designed, drawn and researched app logo can definitely make a big difference when it comes to increasing the traffic to your app page. A stunning and attention-grabbing logo will easily tell a user what an app is all about. As a potential user scrolls through various choices on the search pages, the app logo could be the only thing they can see so it just makes sense that you put lots of effort into coming up with an iconic and interesting image.

Hire ASO Experts

While it can be tempting to take things into your own hands, you can also hire experts in app store optimization who can help ensure that your app shoots through the top. They have the necessary know-how that can surely make you enjoy higher download rates.

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