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Be aware of Phishing emails

online threats on internet

Online threats Online threats have increased to great extent. There are different ways in which people do wrong things either to steal your data or money. One such term is phishing. Phishing means the fraudsters send you fake emails or they trick and get your username and password. They create sign in pages for yahoo, eBay or PayPal to get ...

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Best anti virus software scanners to protect your device

tips for anti virus scanner

Antivirus is the thing which can disturb your data and computer. The android phones are also much in demand and most if the important data are stored on phone so it is important to secure the phone as well. So you need to search for an antivirus which can work well for both your computer and your mobiles. The best antivirus software ...

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Best Effective anti malware software overview

anti malware software

The malware attacks has increased to great extent in the current times and it has increased the need of having the anti malware program. Almost all the computers are having an antivirus software installed but the term anti malware is quite different from that. Malware means the malicious software that gets into your computer and can harm it to great ...

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Overview on Stocks and How Trading Works

Simply by definition, the stock is a share in the company’s assets and earnings. Basically, you are  a shareholder of the company once you buy or trade with them. Once a shareholder, you have a claim to everything a company owns. Lucky enough for shareholders to earn a decent amount of money if the company also earn better or vise ...

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Common online internet virus threats and dangers

how does mallware work

The internet is one of the most commonly used platforms today. It is used to connect to the World Wide Web and get huge amount of information as well as connect with your loved ones through email services and various other applications like Skype, Face book and more. Though it is a boon to the society, there are times when ...

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How VPN helps you while surfing on the internet

how does vpn work

A VPN is a server that encrypts and covers up all the activities to and from your computer. It is connected to your ISP so that it cannot identify your traffic usage so that your ISP would not have a record of the sites that have been visited by you. There are many dangers on the web, click here and ...

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Social Media: How it Works and Advantage

how does social media work

People often underestimate the power of social media. Social media is a virtual way to connect to people globally for free. It is the most efficient way to communicate with your family, meet new friends, capture current events, and a lot more. (for out tips on making money with social media, scroll down to the link) For entrepreneurs, social media ...

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Make money as a Freelancer

make money as a freelancer

More and more employees have left their typical nine to five jobs to work as a freelancer. Definitely, we see those people enjoy and leverage their time spent working at their own pace. To become a freelancer, you should be knowledgeable enough to face different perspectives. It is not easy nor enjoyable if you just jump into freelancing jobs without ...

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