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Where to buy and sell your websites online

Where to buy and sell your websites online

Best Amazing Online Platforms to Buy or Sell Your Websites

Do you plan to invest in an online business and do it as effectively and quickly? Whether you are a web designer, IT expert or just an ordinary person who wants to make some money online in the quickest way possible, you would definitely want to check out the following marketplaces for buying and selling websites.



A name that you’d recognize anywhere, eBay is no doubt among the leading buy and sell platforms in the world today. Despite being more renowned for their retail transactions, eBay is now starting to grow as a famous marketplace for selling templates, websites, web designs, domains and apps. The site sets itself apart from the rest by serving as a cross platform service used by individuals and businesses globally.



Since its inception in 2005, Flippa has consistently made a name for itself as the premier international marketplace for selling and buying of websites, domains and apps. Its website inventory is sutable for all industries, with new sites regularly added to their catalogue on a daily basis. Forbes identified Flippa to have sold websites or businesses worth over $2 million per month. Some renowned company investors are SitePoint, Hitwise and 99designs.com.


We Buy Websites
With more than 6 years of rich experience in the acquisition of online businesses, We Buy Websites has successfully purchased more than $12.5 million in sites and they always keep their eyes open for buying high quality and established sites. If they want to make an offer on your site, this will be done in 48 hours. If you have a proven revenue and significant traffic, grab the offer.


FE International
Founded in 2010, FE International has already sold 300 industry leading online businesses. Their specialization covers all business models, from SaaS businesses to AdSense sites. They have Boston-based headquarters and London-based secondary office. They don’t just offer free valuation and sell your site for they also have a buyer networker composed of more than 400 investors, individuals and funds searching for potential online businesses to buy.


Empire Flippers
A website with a great interface for website buying and selling where buyers can browse through various featured sites together with essential details such as net profits and monetization methods. It is an ideal marketplace for people searching for budget-friendly site solutions or acquiring an appreciable market rate.


At FreeMarket, sellers can post their sites up for sell at a zero price then earn a commission of 5% on each sale. Also, the site has plenty of possible buyers and can be a great powerhouse to guarantee your success. This is also famous for being among the cheapest marketplaces as far as commissions are concerned.


Website Broker
Established in 1997, California-based Website Broker aims to help individuals and companies in selling and buying existing sites. Its easy interface helps purchase completely developed sites and domain names. Sellers can also list their requirements and reach lots of potential buyers. Try these websites and achieve the online success you have been dreaming of!


SnapNames is one of the best domain auction platforms. The technology behind the auction platform of SnapNames powers Monikers Live Auction. SnapNames is best for those who are searching for expired domain names. These are also a good place for people who want to sell domain names. Anyone can join SnapNames and it requires users to have a credit card to make an account.


Instra.com is a private owned company that’s based in Melbourne, Australia. Established in year 1997, it has expanded in its domain name business from the countries of Australia and New Zealand into a leading domain registrar globally. They supply domain names in 250 countries across the globe. Insta.com is also active in providing their clients with new domain name spaces and update domain names regularly.


With millions of listed domains and customers, Sedo is considered as the biggest platform in the world. Sedo or also referred to as Search Engine for Domain Offers currently offers not only a convenient domain marketplace, but also provide extensive services for every domain seller and buyer out there.


Aftermarket.com or Igloo.com
Igloo.com assesses their client’s needs first before providing services. It is a relationship combining know-you with know-how process to bring unique vision to light. Whether it is to add investment portfolio or personal website, Fortune 500 company or start-up, searching for the best domain will help you get a step closer to realize your goals.

Igloo.com isn’t a regular brokerage company because while they offer ease of domain marketplace made specifically to search a domain name based on your requirements, they also understand that their clients benefit from their customized attention.


Bido Auctions
With Bido Auctions, members have to vote for the items to go to the auction and such items are auctioned based on the people’s choice.

Since the company was established, there are already thousands of domain names that were voted up to auction by many people and all of these were sold as well as were successfully transferred to buyers. The vision of Bido is to have a platform of value reaching far beyond business transactions, yet to contribute to social aspects that’ll have impact on numerous individuals who visit the site.

They strongly that through cultivating the desire for knowledge via exchanging ideas and questioning advanced questioning and analytical skills in their youth, the future generation can be more tolerant and be educated.


Whether you’re selling, buying or deriving revenues from your undeveloped domains, the full-service domain marketplace of Afternic delivers excellent results. It’s a pioneer in terms of domain aftermarket and has sold thousands of domains in many countries. As a domain seller or buyer, you will benefit from the company’s state of the art technology and years of experience in the industry.

Domain buyers can quickly find topnotch quality relevant domain names through the biggest premium domain marketplace of the world.

Domain owners will benefit from the company’s Sales Acceleration program as well as domain parking platform, which offers accelerated sales and unparalleled revenues for the domain portfolio.


It’s considered as the premier aftermarket domain name service provider with an exclusive inventory of the most wanted expired domains.  They utilize award winning domain name aftermarket technology, which enables domain professionals, individuals, and businesses to obtain domain names. Whether you are searching for domain names to develop or invest in, NameJet has a big selection of the best pre-release names for immediate backorders.


GoDaddy Premium Listings
You may boost your exposure to domain names you like to sell through adding them to the site’s Premium Listings. When clients search for or register domain names, GoDaddy Premium Listings display premium domains you might want to look.


Pool.com was established in 2003 and is based in Ottawa, Canada. They offer their customers access to over thousands of daily deleting domains and the Domain Marketplace where clients can sell and buy domain names in fixed price or auction formats. Pool.com has an extensive database of domain names for sale and you will surely find an ideal domain for your personal or business website.

If you’re thinking to sell, you will get domains domains in front of thousands unique visitors of Pool.com in just a click of a button. There are also different promotional packages and listing options available. Pool.com is also known for providing domain backorders. Once you backorder domains, they will secure the domain if it becomes available for registration.

There’s no fee to place a backorder and you’ll only be charged once they successful secure the domain for you. They also provide free monitoring solution and some services to make sure that you know when the domains you’re searching for become available as deleting domains.


BrandStack Domains
BrandStack had been considered as a vital part of the lives of many brand seekers and designers. After years of providing quality service to many people, the company took a detour when it was acquired by a particular company. BrandStack started a benchmark for topnotch quality designs, yet when it was revived as BrandCrowd, they have started providing their services by taking the next level. Both brand makers and brand seekers are interested with BrandStack as this helps them acquire brands and sell brands.

It’s a marketplace for selling and buying ready-made logos and brands. The domains with logo combinations may also be purchased here. That is the reason why it’s the home of the best designers with excellent outputs and a good place where you can promote your portfolio to a lot of clients.

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