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Best and Fastest SSD WordPress Hosting

Why Fast Hosting Matters for Website Owners?
Having a fast WordPress or Joomla website is very important for many reasons. First and foremost, your customers don’t like slow websites. They like fast websites because these convenient and offer good results. Another reason why fast web hosting matters is because fast websites will help you get better conversions. If your site zips along, your potential clients tend to complete a transaction easily and ask for more details. Aside from that, Google likes faster websites. You have to remember that speed is a factor in ranking algorithm. This is the reason why WordPress with SSD hosting is highly recommended for WordPress and Joomla. Check out this link to learn more about Speed on MOZ.


What You Should Know about fast SSD Hosting WordPress or Joomla

SSD hosting is a kind of web hosting using solid stated drives for storing data persistently. SSD is a data storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory for storing data. When compared to web hosting using the typical HHD, SSD hosting is more resistant to physical shock, have lower access time, less latency, and run more quietly.

SSD hosting offers 300 percent faster web hosting speed. Since SSD is a kind of flash storage device and has no moving components, there’s no mechanical movement each time data has to be accessed, which allows SSD hosting to deliver much faster speed in terms of response time.

It’s easy to lose data if you’re still using the traditional web hosting as HHDs are extremely sensitive and slight mishandling may cause irreversible damage to your site data. With SSDs, they use less power and have high durability. That is why SSD hosting has less chance to cause data loss or damage the drives. In this list we will note the best of the best and cheapest SSD provides for any CMS system.

Top 3 SSD WordPress Hosting with Blazing Speed

(All hosting providers have a very east 1 2 3 installation option)

Fastcomet vs a2hosting

best wordpress hosting

fastcomet wordpress ssd hosting

new: RocketBooster ssd plan


1- FastComet

At FastComet, they are fully committed in providing the fastest hosting solutions and have the power to help you optimize your site for better performance. Fast Comet offers fixed prices on their services and they have strict fair policy to deliver the highest possible level of satisfaction. The customer service of Fast Comet is available in 24/7 and offers exclusive features for you to get started and achieve success.

  • New: RocketBooster Super plan for $ 12,95 /month
  • 10 minutes Support
  • automated daily/weekly backups
  • FREE domain FOREVER
  • free cloudflare CDN
  • OpenCart 300% + better Performance
  • try FastComet now
  • starting at $ 2,95 /month
  • Free SSL certificates with free installation service



ssd hosting wordpress

2- A2 Hosting SSD

When compared to other companies, A2 Hosting SSD provides faster speed. They take pride from having 300 percent faster page loads compared to sites hosted on HDD. They also boast enhanced reliability. Since SSDs are much efficient in how it handles write or read operations, SSDs are much capable of handling peak use times. SSDs are much durable as they don’t have moving parts.

  • pre-configured speed and security
  • turbo servers
  • free solid state drivers
  • up to 20 times faster
  • starting at $ 3,92 /month




ssd hosting joomla

3- InMotion Hosting

It describes itself as a web hosting company that stands by its clients. InMotion hosting has ongoing sponsorships to the most famous open source programs including WordPress, b2evolution, Joomla, and PrestaShop. They also take pride from having an outstanding customer service and always maintain 99.99 percent network uptime.

  • free dedicated Ip
  • 80 GB Raid SSD disk
  • free setup
  • 2 hours launch assist
  • 800GB/month
  • starting at $ 2,95 /month



Website speed is crucial and considered as one of the primary factors when choosing a web hosting service. The best and fast web hosting is basically based on SSD storage. That is why it’s wise to invest on SSD hosting.


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