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best alternatives for google adsense

Top 10 Best Alternatives for Google Adsense


Google Adsense has played a vital part in the lives of bloggers and web based marketing. It is among the leading ways to place Javascript advertisements and commercials on the websites where the traffic is dense, allowing people to see all kinds of ads, even sensitive ones on these websites. Start reading our top 10 adsense alternatives list.

What is the best alternative to google adsense

But there is a catch: once you get blocked by Google, you will never be able to post ads on your websites through Google Adsense. Therefore, we decided to enlist other alternatives in case you face this unfortunate situation. The alternatives are a nice way to make some serious money and to rely on it while you blog.

Tip: to get traffic to your website, you can sign up as advertiser too instead of publisher only. Getting more traffic will improve your income.

Overview with the best Google Adsense alternatives

alternatives to google adsense Revenuehits

1- RevenueHits
Many people claim that they earn more through blogging than any office based 9-5 job. This is hugely owed to the blessing of advertisements. After Google Adsense, RevenueHits is a superb website that has assisted hundreds of bloggers in earning more than they ever thought they would. RevenueHits is a performance based ads network and it pays for every eCPM. But of course, the alternative works only when your website has enough traffic and this depends on how often you blog. Registering at RevenueHits is easy and free and almost instantly you can start making money. For sure this is one of the best Alternatives to Google Adsense.


earn money with alternative of google adsense infolinks
2- Infolinks
If you spend much of your time online, you must have heard of Infolinks and seen it on multiple websites. But again, it requires you to have sufficient traffic on your blog or website in order to make the most out of it. You can post 4 different types of ads through this adsense: in tag, in text, in fold and in frame. Intext double underline the keywords, thus allowing the user to see the ad once they take the cursor to it. Infold takes the keywords into account before showing relevant ads. Intag works the same way as Intext and inframe slides ads on the sidebars of the website. Start using InfoLink now!


one of the sites like google adsense is bidvertiser
3- Bidvertiser
This adsense is the most efficient to get the ads out there compared to al lother competitors. You can purchase facebook or twitter space, buy or sell websites and ge the ads posted on social profiles easily through Bidvertiser.  Minium payout with Paypal and Payza is 10 $, check 100 $ and by wire 500 $. Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser.


4- Media
Another powerful adsense alternative to Google is Media. It is free of riff raff and rubbish rules; this system is fast and quick and truly transparent. You don’t have to wait for approval and simply sign up to start posting ads. Contextual links are a great way to earn. Media is specialized in this kind of advertising.


visit top 10 google adsense alternatives partner propellor ads

5- Propeller Ads Media
This alternative to Google adsense is also unique as it invites people from all across the globe to join them and advertise through their platform. They have high CPC rates and increased number of networks thus making Propeller a very fine choice. Join the Propeller Ads network and start earning hard cash.


make cash with clicksor

6- Clicksor
Google adsense has unchanged and non-flexible rules which creates issues for bloggers and website owners. To avoid these difficulties, clicksor is a perfect adsense alternative. It is far more tolerant than Google which has increased its demand in the advertising market. They have a high cost for clicks and payouts. The ads are quite content sensitive and greatly depend on keywords usage. Join this excellent affiliate network now and start earning!


chitika affiliate is one of the alternative zu adsense

7- Chitika

This super fast growing affiliate network is very easy to use, just join the network and copy and paste your selected banner types. Chitika has thousands of members and still growing. Payment treshold is just 10 US, so your payment is just a few steps aways. Register at Chitika.It is really a great site like Google Adsense.

yllix affiliate

8- Yllix

Yllix has a 100% world wide fill rate and has CPM, CPC & CPA ad campaigns. All banners have automatic real-time optimization and the payment treshold is the lowest of all: just 1 dollar. So don’t be affraid you will never reach the payment treshold. Start using Yllix.

adversal network

9- Adversal

The Adversal media network has one of the easiest setup guides to setup a campaign. Their interface is also very user friendly and they have 100% fill rating. Besides that all ads have automatic optimization too. Adversal has a payment treshold of 20 us. Paypal, wire or credit card can be used. Payments are made on a NET35 basis. This means that all payments are done 35 days after the end of the month (excluding weekends). Adversal have also pop-under ads, so you can start making cash immediately. Try Adversal affiliate today!

popcash pop under ads

10- Popcash
Popcash, the name sounds like cash. This affiliate network is one of the fastest to setup. Just in 10 minutes your campaign will start running thanks to the quick approve service. Any members have hourly updated statics and the minimum amount to withdraw money is just 10 dollars. Withdrawals are processed daily so payments are super fast received. Join Popcash and setup a campaign with full control.

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