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With the advanced technology and the availability of cheap internet there is a reason to smile for everybody. It is evident that you can now make great legit money online from home. For instance with your computer, tablet Android or iPhone Smartphone. Is working online a career for everyone? Absolutely yes, everyone despite the knowledge and skills one can make money online. In developing countries like India, Nigeria, Kenya and Bangladesh, there is a breed of qualified professionals. They have mastered the art of working online pretty fast with huge profits as compared to other regular jobs.  However, the rates may vary depending on skills and experience.

Best ways to make money online fast from home

I took a vivid analysis and adept research on the best online jobs that were popular and well paying. Are you eager to jump on the bandwagon? Just take a look and see where you can fit. These good money making ideas will help you earn some quick bucks.

First a good TIP: use a VPN, click to discover why you should use a VPN if you run an online business. But also if surf across the internet and would like to stay safe.

 How to make money online fast

Blogs and websites
Currently, there are millions of blogs being generated each day. Many people have realized the importance of having an online presence. There are bloggers who are making huge sums of money from blogging with free blogging software like WordPress or Joomla. How do bloggers generate their income? The money is generated through affiliate marketing, selling courses, paid alternative adsense ads per click and much more. However, you must select a niche and work on it to ensure it becomes popular for you to earn something. Go to here about some great websites that make good money. Or read more about blogging.


make money with writing

It is estimated that a majority of online workers are involved in online writing. It has been noted as one of the best paying and stable form of making money online. There several forms of writing ranging from, e-books, blog content, articles, resumes, research articles and much more. However, writing requires skills and passion as quality is essential in this field. There exist several platforms where qualified writers get a chance to showcase their skills. The legitimate sites include Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and Click here for more info about Fiverr, the easiest and fastest way to earn with online writing. There are new sites coming up each day and writers should check their authenticity before working for them. Before you start writing, read our great writing tips.



earn with online shop

Work for online shops like Amazon, AlieXpress or Ebay
Amazon and Aliexpress are one of the largest online shops where clients are looking for products each day. It is estimated that Amazon has an online market share of 70% according to Forbes magazine 2016. As a result, majority of the clients want experts who can assist them in getting the right products. In the process, many people have been employed by Amazon to provide this services. Some of the services offered by this people are like translations, categorizing of products and analysing the search terminologies. Learn how you make make a profit too. Click here for more info about  Amazon Webshop or AlieExpress webshop or Ebay webshop.


money making apps

Make Money with Apps
Everybody knows that the App Market is booming and that many people are allready earning good cash with Apps, There are many Android and Itunes Apps on the market, but to give you a very good idea about this market, you can click here for the biggest and Best money Making App List. One thing is sure, everybody can make an App themselves or only download an app to start making money.


how to make money online

Write an eBook can be profitable

Writing of e-books for sale
Did you know that you can write e-books and sell online? Well, there exist platforms such as kindle where great e-book writers have a chance to sell their products. However, the e-books must have objectives and be useful to readers for them to sell. Besides, one can choose to sell in social media sites and personal websites as well.



make money with social media

Social media marketing
Eight in every ten people is actively involved in social media activities. For this reason, business entities have realized that for them to succeed. They must use the social media to market their products and services. Have you encountered a sponsored advertisement in Twitter or Facebook? Well, placing ads in Facebook or any other platform much cheaper and convenient.  Besides, it has been attested to lead to direct prospect clients. Many firms have realized this and they are now hiring social media marketers to help them in the marketing process. Also, if you are having reputable followers, one can register with companies like Blue mint. On such sites you are paid by tweeting their products and services.  Read more info about Social Media.



get cash as seo freelancer

Search Engine Optimization
With the crop up of several websites and blogs on the internet, there is need to compete to rank well. If possible, people rather rank websites on the first page of google. As a result, there are IT professionals who have mastered the art of ensuring you stay on the first page. They research on keywords on how to generate traffic and so on. If you are interested in such a position, you can source for jobs from bloggers and website owners. One can get a fulltime contract from clients if you are an expert in it. Read more about SEO.



how to start working as a freelancer

Freelance professionals
Are you an engineer, a doctor or a teacher? Do you offer consultation services to your clients? If yes, the online clients are waiting for your services. Nowadays, engineers need not to go to the field on a daily basis.  They can draft their work, and send to officers on the field. On the other hand, tutors can teach their students using online platforms. Well, if you are a profession and you are bored of the day job, just study the online trend. Jump on the bandwagon. Here, you are your own boss and you can work with an array of clients without restrictions. There are sites offering such positions such as, and Being a freelancer has a lot of advantages.



how can you earn with online surveys

Taking online surveys
Many companies do care about their reputation from the general public.  In the process, they are constantly asking for feedback from the public. Using online survey has proved to be the ideal method and they are paying people for that. On the other hand, there are firms carrying out surveys on the emerging issues in society. Those firm are paying people to conduct them. Read more about online surveys.




sell your photos and earn bucks

Selling photos online
Are you a professional photographer? Do you have a large collection of photos in your database? Well, there are websites paying photographers as much as 100 dollars by selling a single snap. This may sound ridiculous to some but it is evident that people like pictures as they create a mental fantasy. Besides, others use the pics to brand their products and services. Interested? Check our guide to sell your photos today!



make a living with how to trade tips

Online trading
Have you ever heard of online trading? Well, what about bitcoin currency? The online market is getting more juicer with new developments coming up. For instance, it is now possible to conduct forex trade online and earn a decent income. Also, bitcoin trading is on the rise, and people are making real money out it. Some of the giants where you can start online trading are and One can commence with as little as 10 dollars. Some other sites offer free packages such as Plus500 which offers $20 after a successful sign-up. Here you will find more tips here about online trading.


review music and products

Review Music and products
A great way to earn extra money online on the internet is by reviewing music of any kind of artist. Since 2015 members can also write reviews about fashion, mobile phones accessoires and other items. The information is very valuable, the better your review, the more money you make. Millions of people have joined this fast growing network. You can earn hard fast cash and sent it to your Paypal Account ( no discount coupons or vouchers). Why not try them out now.



betting guide

Online betting
There are many type of games that you can play online. With some games you can start earning hard cash with several strategies and tips how to play those games. Some of those games are roulette, black jack and poker.  There are many poker players that make millions in a year as a professional pokerplayer. In any type of game it is possible to win. Read our betting tips now and start to make money now.



sell you stuff idea

Sell your stuff online
People have always things that they can sell, what you don’t use  you can sell. If you start observing your house, you might come across quite a few products that carry some value. Examples are clothing, Smartphones, jewels and much more. A great website to start selling is eBay. Interested in selling? Click to view our eBay selling tips.



sell your notes guide

Learn and earn selling notes
Recently, selling and buying notes for exams and study have been popularized all over the virtual world. It is for sure a win-win benefit for both the seller and the buyer of notes. It’s a great way to learn and earn money at the same time. Why don’t you try it out. Click for more info on selling notes.



get domains and make profit

Buying and selling domains
This online job to make money is very profitable if you do it the right way. Everybody knows that a good domain can be worth a lot. The trick is that you buy a domain for a low price. As soon as you have done that, you can sell it later for a bigger amount to make profit. Maybe you should give this great idea a try.  View the tips on buying and selling domains.



selll your website to get income

Make a profitable website and sell
Like domains also website can be very profitable when sold on a marketplace or auction. There are many services that provide website buying and selling options. But, for this kind of money making market, there are several things you really should know. Even for experienced folks, there is always more to learn. Read more about make money selling websites.



make a living as a mystery shopper

Online Mystery shopper
If you love online shopping, this might be the job for you. Companies and mystery shoppers benefit both, why don’t you try this? Make your hobby your work. You can also leave a great review on your shopping adventures and finally get to earn bucks. Click for more information about mystery shopping. Start shopping today by getting paid.


With the population increasing each dawn, it is evident that the employment sector is under siege. The reason is a high number of graduates rolling into the market each year. As a result very  few firms are there to absorb them all and leave them fort that reason without jobs. The good news is that you can still make money working online with these great opportunities to improve  your income. It’s that simple!

Time to get Rich, start to make money today 🙂